Successful Execution Starts with a Plan

By: Valerie Pelan 3 years ago


Successful execution starts with a Plan. The best way to maintain a positive and motivated attitude is to set reasonable goals. The SMART Goal Plan: specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timely, is an easy but effective tool to use. Just saying you are going to “increase sales” is not very actionable; it is open ended.  You need a SMART Goal Plan.

You need to make the goal specific: I will increase sales by 3% is specific. The action steps around that specific goal become actionable: I will increase sales by 3% this quarter by expanding my customer base to include businesses with revenues of $10 million. Then you can create you Plan with action steps.

The “secret” key to the SMART Goal Plan is to “assess” whether or not you were successful. At the end of the quarter, assess whether your specific action steps worked.  If you obtained more sales then it was a winner; on the other hand, if these customers did not work out (your sales did not improve) then move to Plan B.

This approach keeps you moving; makes you smarter and more positive. People like to be around positive people and buy from people they trust.

Valerie Pelan


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