Ride the Waves: ~”The best wave of your life is still out there”

By: Janet Ver Fine 3 years ago

Ride the Waves:

~”The best wave of your life is still out there”

The ocean waves are magnanimous. They are monstrous! They evoke deep feeling in me that arise the instance I view the ocean. I must prepare for the viewing, as one does when paying last respects to a loved one. I prepare to experience a deep emotion. It is as if the waves pull the emotions right out of me and I generally shed tears. The ocean can cleanse away thoughts to clear the mind. As a friend recently stated, “the ocean is as far as you can go. There is nothing further. So, any difficulty can be let go. Whatever load you are carrying, will empty into the vast ocean. Learn to ride the waves of life’s adventures.

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Just as the ocean is the end, as far as one can go, it is also the beginning. It is the source of all creation. Life forms began in the sea. As does the human embryo develop in the oceanic womb. Each shell contains a delicate creature hidden within. The creature is vulnerable without its shell. Shells can be elaborately decorated with colors, designs, and textures. Each one is different and unique. Can one be prettier, better, or more desired than another?

So often, we are caught up in the world of externals. The facade or shell that we hide behind may be our unusual style. We may have our own unique expression of how we open and present ourselves to the world around us. Yet, when looking within, the outer shell, we are all vulnerable creatures with shared needs, wants, fears, and wounds. The outer shell forms a protection from disturbances from the outer world.  It protects against invasion of toxic or foreign substance from entering in the protected ‘nest’. The waves of life may bring in something unwanted at the time. Any invaders become covered by a substance that forms the beautiful one-of-a-kind pearl. Only by taking the risk to open the shell, we find the beautiful unique pearl that grew and developed despite the challenges and hardships faced in life experiences. Just as each perturbance causes the pearl to form and harden, our own inner self grows and develops into our own unique authentic Self.

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Like the waves, our challenges and threats are powerful learning tools. They strengthen us to go through the experience, to ride the wave, to go with the flow, to trust in something greater, to identify our gifts, and to see with new perspectives. We can learn to harness this powerful energy to create the life of our dreams.

Do you know your uniqueness?

Have you explored your values recently?

Are you contributing and sharing your gifts with others?

Take the time to identify the disturbances in your life that have contributed to the formation of your own string of pearls.

Are there areas of challenge facing you today?

What are the areas of growth facing you today?

In what ways could you honor and recognize your past challenges?

Do a SWOT Analysis to determine a full picture of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Obstacles/Opportunities, and Threats.

How can we harvest the pearls from our life situations and turn them into a beautiful string of honorable events?  Can we wear them proudly with humility and dignity?

The pearl has a humble beginning, perhaps, a difficult start. However, pearls like to be worn and cared for. So do not lock them up again in a box or a shell and forget about them. Honor and care for each pearl of wisdom you have learned and wear your wisdom as you would your pearls. Learn to knot a pearl necklace and acknowledge that each knot holds a pearl in place. Remember, the waves bring the the gifts from the sea.

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