Rethinking Prosperity!

By: Gloria Manchester 3 years ago

Rethinking Prosperity!

“Most folks are as happy as they want to be.” – Abraham Lincoln

I was in a personal growth seminar in the 80’s where we spent a whole half day on thinking about what we were thinking about. It was a model for an exercise on journaling and putting our negative and positive thoughts, whatever came up in the moment, into words and phrases. Here’s what 25 people in the room learned from each other; over 70% of our unconscious thoughts, about ourselves and others, are  negative.

Shifting from negative to positive, to develop our overall well-being and boost the oxytocin and dopamine (good hormones) in our brains,  requires conscious action.

So, Lincoln was right, we are as happy as we WANT to be.

Here’s the more expanded meaning of prosperity: A flourishing, thriving, influential, and successful life condition!

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Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC is a certified prosperity and lifestyle coach, a bestselling author, personality science trainer, seminar facilitator, entrepreneur, New Money Story®Mentor Coach, Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) Certified Coach, and ExotericLiving Coach.

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