My Path Illuminated

By: Julie Schelling 3 years ago

When we embark on a journey we rarely know what we’ll discover along the way. In fact, we may find that fear of the unknown creeps in before we even take our first few steps. It is natural to have some anxiety about starting anything new, but it is at this point having the support of a coach can prove to be one of the best decisions you make.

Why? In order to answer that I first need to explain why I became an ICF certified coach. After working in the sales and marketing industry for 10 years, I arrived at the conclusion that I wasn’t being fulfilled in my work on a personal level. What I mean is that I have always been self-reflective and committed to my self-development. I’m someone who is always trying to improve myself, be honest and hold myself accountable for my faults, learn from my mistakes, and live a life that mirrors my values and shows up to others in a way I’m proud of. It’s this way of living that is very important to me and where my passion lies. I know how I have benefited from continually expanding my awareness and nurturing my personal growth. This internal work has empowered me to┬álead a life that resonates with my aspirations, as well as to live with intention and purpose rather than settling for the status quo, putting my hands up and drifting along in a current that I have no control over.

I love people from all backgrounds and cultures and enjoy learning about their approach to life and what drives them forward. I strive to be mindful in all settings. My real joy is in establishing relationships with my clients that are built on honesty and trust, setting the foundation for our work together.

I am a coach because I want to help others lead a life that they design according to their aspirations and goals. I decided on this path so that I could do work that I’m passionate about and that is meaningful to me. There is nothing more rewarding than supporting another human being in making their dream life a reality.

One of my long-term clients recently invited me to the launch of her new start-up. During her opening comments, she turned to me and said, “I’d like to thank Julie Schelling for being my life coach because if it wasn’t for our coaching work I would not be able to do this.” I’m so grateful to be a part of this very sacred process and there is nothing I love more than to see my clients achieve their highest goals.

If you are starting a new business or venture or looking to advance in an existing one and would like a heart-centered certified coach at your side and in your corner, contact me for an initial 10 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit.

The photo was taken at the Cape May Nature Conservancy in New Jersey. March 2017.

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