Marketing: Breaking News to Building Businesses

By: Gina Villarreal 3 years ago

As a TV reporter for ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX my focus was to investigate the untold stories of my community, interact with the public daily and share breaking news as it happened. The excitement and fulfillment fueled my passion to make a difference. In many cases, I witnessed how media shaped perception and how the power of reaching the masses can influence behaviors, attitudes, and change. Never did I imagine I would take my 20 years of experience in News and translate it into showing business owners how to use mass media to tell their story through creative, call to action commercial messaging, public relations, media relations, and marketing campaign management.

Today, entrepreneurs find themselves inundated with calls from TV (broadcast & cable/satellite), digital, paid search/SEO, magazines, radio, production, website and reputation management companies. Navigating where to spend can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

The difficult question becomes what steps should be taken to effectively promote products or services without breaking the bank. Initially, new business owners often wonder if word of mouth and referrals will bring in foot traffic, more appointments or attendees. If they do spend on advertising, the question becomes how long will it take for their marketing dollars to work.

All of my clients ask these two very important questions, my answer is always the same. Marketing is a piece of the puzzle that is absolutely essential in achieving business growth. Consistency makes the puzzle complete. Those who take the gamble and become anxious with unrealistic expectations learn quickly that marketing is not a disposable piece of the budget. It is often through trial, error and whole lot of wasted cash that entrepreneurs realize a trusted consultant will save them time, stress and a whole lot of money. That’s where I come in. With each and every client my goal is to prevent the “bitter” reality check of marketing mishaps or mistakes by offering my clients:

  • Strategic Campaign Management, Media Buying
  • Digital, Paid Search and Social Media
  • Public Relations and Promotion
  • Crisis Communication/Reputation Management
  • Media Relations Strategy/Messaging
  • High Quality Commercial Production

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