Journaling Bully

By: Terri O'Donnell 3 years ago

Journaling Bully

They’re conversations we have every day. Our inner critic arrives and her mood determines the emotional course of our day. You’re either a rock star or an idiot.

to-march-blog-picAt times, your inner critic sounds like your mother – keeping you in line and questioning decisions that you may come to regret. Sometimes she arrives as your greatest champion. Then on occasion, she is a bully, leaving you in ruins.

When your inner critic is especially harsh, you may need the occasional reminder that you’re actually an intelligent, capable individual. Journaling is a very cathartic process that can help you defeat the bully. A few journal writing prompts are below.

  1. When you are feeling especially low, write what’s happening and how it makes you feel (e.g.: I’m sad and bored at my job). Identify any stories you invented to make the situation worse (e.g.: I’ll be stuck at this horrible company forever). Recognize a more useful way to view the situation and try to attach it to a goal (e.g.: I may be unhappy right now, but I can update my resume and start searching for something new).
  2. Keep a praise journal and make note of all the awesome stuff you do.
  3. Maintain a list of your best qualities.
  4. Write a list of qualities your friends, family or co-workers like about you.
  5. Compile a list of positive quotes.
  6. Draw. Discover the joy of doodling.
  7. Write down three simple things that make you happy, like dogs, a hot cup of coffee, and warm February days.
  8. Develop a list of skills that you’d like to improve and track your progress.

Look back through this journal when your inner critic is putting you down. It will serve as proof that you’re a dynamic, compelling person and can help you refocus your energy.

What other methods have you used to tame your inner bully?

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