How Can I Energize My Entrepreneur’s Mindset? Think Gratitude

By: Andrea Meier PhD PCC 3 years ago

Of all the aspects of the PERMA model of flourishing that I described in my first post, the easiest to grasp is positive emotions.(AKA “Positivity ).You’d be surprised about how many kinds of positive emotions there are!. (Read more about the Top 10 Positive Emotions.)

I’ll be writing about them in future posts and how they can nourish your entrepreneur’s mindset.

Going Beyond “Mere” Happiness.

I’ll bet that one of your goals of becoming an entrepreneur was to be happier in your work—and in life. But the feelings of happiness fluctuate, depending what’s going on in your life and your business. Since growing your business takes consistent effort, it’s important to find ways sustaining your positive emotions regardless of what’s happening around you. The most accessible of positive emotions is gratitude. A daily practice thinking about what you are grateful for—in the moment— can make you more resilient when under stress and support your overall well-being all the time.

What Is Gratitude?

Think of gratitude as having two aspects including states of mind and selfless actions. Gratitude acts are done unconditionally to acknowledge to others that you appreciate them for themselves and what they have been able and willing to do for you, or their contributions to the group or larger community–not because you are looking for something in return.

What can you be grateful for RIGHT NOW

A few examples

  • The sun rose this morning and you are surrounded by daylight.
  • You inhabit a body that produces the energy you need to build your business that came equipped with a heart that beats and lungs that breathe, and a brain that has visions of a great future that you can create—all without your having to do anything to make them work.
  • You have clothing to keep you comfortable and shelter to protect you from the elements.
  • You have ideas and drive that you can tap into as you work on your business, and opportunities to celebrate each accomplishment as you progress toward your business goals.
  • You have family, friends, and other resourceful people in your social networks who can and do support your business efforts, but who also appreciate  you regardless of how successful you are.

Get the picture? 

Why Practice Gratitude?

Positive psychologist researchers have found that spending some time each day thinking about what you are grateful for grateful for and expressing appreciation to someone else can improve your physical wellbeing and help you be more productive. If you switch from focusing on your daily hassles or  thinking ways in which you are better off than others to. being in a state of gratitude, you will find that increases your alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness, and energy. (What’s not to like about that!)

As a start up entrepreneur, your business may not be your day job—yet. If that’s so, it means you have DOUBLE the opportunities to practice gratitude. You can experiment to see how paying attention to your feelings of gratitude and expressing gratitude to your co-workers and supervisors gives you insights into the positive impact  his practice can have in a work setting that is more developed than your start-up enterprise

Jeff Charles, a management expert, noted that, “if your business involves sales, having a grateful attitude heightens your mood, which makes you more personable to others. People tend to buy from people they know, like and trust. When you are more relatable, it’s more likely that your customers will like and trust you more. It also helps to show gratitude to your customers. Customers are more likely to return to brands that make a sincere effort to show the customer that their business is appreciated.It’s becoming more and more important for a brand to form deep bonds with their clients. Showing appreciation goes a long way towards establishing connections with your audience”.

My Gratitude Practice Today

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to blog as a way of increasing their Web presence. But getting started can be daunting. As a coach/entrepreneur I have been planning to create a blog on positive psychology for a couple of years. 

So, here are my gratitudes about doing this blog. The “why’s” of my gratitudes are in italics.

  • I am finally acting on my idea to blog about ideas that I am passionately interested in: the practical applications of positive psychology’ s understanding about personal and collective flourishing. I appreciate the intellectual challenge, the spur to my creativity, and the potential that it could have for building my coaching practice.
  • Exoteric provides me a platform and an audience of coaches and clients. I appreciate how this helps me to focus my thinking about how the dimensions of flourishing can support entrepreneurial success.
  • I have found excellent resources to guide me in being efficient and communicating effectively in creating my blog posts.(More on how to write a good blog post). I appreciate that I don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” in learning this new skill–and I have discovered that I enjoy thinking up ideas for and crafting my posts,

Starting Now To Practice Gratitude

  • Keep a gratitude journal. Try to write at least three to five things that you’re thankful for each day. Don’t worry if there are repetitive items on the list each day; if you’re thankful for it, put it on the list.After you written your list, take a minute to reflect on WHY you are grateful for these things. (More on how to create a gratitude journal that fits your style.)
  • Throughout the day, think about the things you wrote down. Remind yourself of how these things have benefited your life.
  • Put your gratitude into action. Look for opportunities to thank someone for something they did that you appreciate. Not only does this make you feel better, it also makes them feel better! It’s okay to think about the things that frustrate you, but every time you do it, try to also think of something that you’re grateful for as well.

Get into action! Which one of these ideas can you put into practice in the next hour?

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The information on this post was adapted from two blogs What is gratitude and what is its role in positive psychology.and The Business Case for Gratitude: Become a Better Entrepreneur

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