Harness the Power of Your Mind

By: Jolie Steers 3 years ago

What do you want in your business?   Do you have a crystal clear picture of what you would like to accomplish?

As a professional coach, my job is to help clients move forward with their goals taking action steps to get from Point A to Point B.  Each client is unique and so is the path they choose to take.

We focus on the mechanics (the nuts-and-bolts, tools, and strategies) for change.  However, there is another area which is often overlooked that also requires our attention.  This is where the mind comes into play.

Your mindset (how you think and feel) influences the actions you take in your life including the actions you take in your business.  Your mindset drives your behavior and can move you towards or away from your goals impacting your level of success.

For example, I worked with a client we will call “Vickie” (name changed for confidentiality).  Vickie wanted to quit her corporate job to start a massage therapy business.  She was eager to change careers, but felt stuck not knowing when and how to leave her job.  Vickie was also unclear about the details of the business she wanted to build.

As we dug a bit deeper, we discovered she didn’t have a vision for her business and we quickly found out why.  She was afraid!   She thought changing careers might be a mistake and she was worried about her abilities to work for herself.   At the same time, she felt stressed and unsatisfied at her job and dreamed of the day where she would be fulfilled and happy being her own boss. It was no wonder Vickie couldn’t visualize what she really wanted; her conflicting thoughts and feelings were getting in the way!

Through the coaching conversation, Vickie was able to quickly put a voice to her concerns, gain awareness, and explore options about how she wanted to move forward in her career.  As she gained clarity, Vickie noticed a shift in her creative thinking.

She began to see possibilities and a vision for what she wanted for herself along with a new understanding of why it was important to her.  Vickie began to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and build the life and business she deeply desired.

Fast forward several years, Vickie’s confidence and business savvy skills have grown by leaps and bounds.   She now has a thriving business with several employees working for her.  Vickie was able to make her dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur come true.  It all started by painting a compelling vision in her mind of what she wanted to accomplish, staying focused on her goals, and taking consistent action.

 The mind is powerful!

Never underestimate what you are capable of achieving with a positive vision and a focused mind.

Do you have a compelling vision for your life and business?  Can you see it?   Can you feel it?

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