Fighting Back

By: Robin Otto 3 years ago

Fighting Back…what does that mean? My sister simply “hates” the word fighting. For me, it is all about how you apply the word and the content around it.

As I was working out in the gym tonight, A Sunday evening right after the holidays, I felt determined as I went through my workout…even though I challenged myself to get in there on a Sunday evening. It would have been very easy for my inner critic, you know the one who sabotages you whenever it has a chance, to win and for me to listen to the voice saying “ it’s Sunday night; it’s late; just get up early and start Monday morning.”

Fighting Back to me is saying “No” to that inner critic. I have been in a slump for about 5 months. I had a surgical procedure that slowed me down and then my mother became ill and passed away.

Exercise to me is my sanity, my stress relief and my foundation to good health and eating healthy.

You probably agree that exercise is good for you. In fact, I am sure that you would agree that you too feel better when you do something like walking, yoga, strength training or any cardio gift to yourself.

Why do we stop? What makes us get in a rut? Get stuck?

Was it a bad interview and you did not get the job you wanted? A relationship that does not feel the way you want it to? You did not make the team or get the role?

Next thing you know, you are in a slump. It is a spiral.

What can we do to get “unstuck”? What can we do to fight back?

It starts with your mind.

Let’s get started together on getting “unstuck”.  Email me: [email protected]





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