Exo-Wisdom on a T-Shirt

By: June Bond 3 years ago

Wisdom can be found in surprising places. We must be aware of its presence in order to learn and grow from it. I have found great opportunities for snippets of wisdom on the graphics of t-shirts. These short messages make me chuckle, belly laugh, or shout, “Oh yeah!”


I read the messages on peoples’ shirts, on the pages of catalogs, and on the walls of t-shirt shops. What does the message mean for the wearer? For society? For my business and my life? Would someone wear a phrase they didn’t believe?! Once, I was in an elevator and a fellow passenger was a BIG man wearing a shirt partially hidden by a leather jacket. What I thought I saw on the shirt was a huge multi-colored eye. I apparently forgot the first two rules of elevator travel: don’t talk to any one and keep your eyes pointed upward to the elevator floor numbers. Yes, I asked if it was an eye. Without blinking, the wearer confirmed my perception. When I exited the lift, my husband said, “I don’t believe you asked him that.” I replied, “If someone wears a giant eyeball, he is asking to be noticed.” Maybe I should have said I was making eye-contact, but that is breaking elevator rule number 3.

I will be blogging about the hundreds of t-shirt messages I have collected, appreciating the wisdom, inspiration, and humor they project.

But seriously, does anyone know why Victoria’s Secret prints PINK on shirts that are not?

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