Don’t be a Zombie – 4 Ways to Dream and Live Life Big

By: Lynn Anderson 3 years ago

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With the year in full swing, I encourage you to keep reaching for the stars and dream big.  It doesn’t matter where you are at when the year comes to an end, you are right where you need to be and remember, it’s the journey that counts.   Are you making your journey count or are you just sleeping right through your life?  While zombies might be a great thriller (personally I find them down right creepy), I would hate for you to live your life like one.   I don’t know about you, but the thrill of living is a great endorphin.   So how can we push ourselves out of our comfort zone, not become zombie like, and really give our self permission to dream big?   I have 4 ways (the “be” attitudes for living life big) to help you dream big and knock any zombie like tendencies out of your system!

  1. Be aware.   Be aware of the choices you are making each day.   Do the choices line up with the life you want to live?   Are you going through the motions or making conscious choices that help you to fulfill your dreams?   Become fully aware of the choices you are making.   Before you make a choice, stop, think and ask yourself, “How does this fulfill my dreams?”  Then make the choice that aligns most with or takes you closer to your dream.
  1. Be outrageous.   As I said above, you have to dream big and push yourself out of your comfort zone.  To do this, you need to start taking limits off of your life.  You want to push the envelope and be limitless.  To do so we not only have to think big but we have to be big. We have to realize that our life has no boundaries.  It is us who put boundaries on our life and we need to release these boundaries in order to live the life of our dreams.  Therefore, when I think of big, I think of being outrageous.  So be outrageous.   Push your envelope and start living your life without boundaries.   I just finished watching the Pixar movie, “Turbo” with my granddaughter this week and Turbo didn’t see any limits.  He knew that a snail racing in the Indy 500 was outrageous but he pushed along anyway to realize his dream.
  1. Be yourself.  No matter what.  Always be true to you.   You are special and your special talents are what make you truly unique and different from anyone else.  You must embrace these unique gifts and use them to help you realize your dreams.   Don’t let anyone get in the way of you being you.   Also, don’t hide behind what you think everyone wants you to be.  Life is so much easier living it as you!   Embrace your you and see how much easier your dreams will unfold.
  1. Be an explorer.  Be bold.   Like a pioneer on an adventure, you need to be bold.  Fear can hold us back or fear can be fun and exciting.   Choose the second one.  While taking chances can be scary at times, don’t let it stop you from moving forward.  Remember it’s your choice.  Be someone who is excited about the possibilities and knowledge they will learn on the journey.  Have that explorer state of mind. As I said before, it’s not really the destination but the journey that we need to experience.  However, many times we try to get too far ahead of ourselves and end up stopping before we even get to our destination.   So enjoy and live in the experiences, the precious moments of your life.  View it as an exploration and an adventure.  Your very own private excursion.  Embrace it and you will start seeing the fruits of your labor.

You can start taking these “to be” actions right now, right this very moment and you will be well on your way to living the life you dream of and enjoying every step of the way.  Let this year be an adventure that you want to experience and enjoy.  One you will not forget.  Let that be your resolution and you will start seeing that dreams do come true.    Remember, be aware, be outrageous, be true to yourself, and be that great explorer that finds that life is all about living and not meant to be lived in a zombie state!  Break free.   Be a woman warrior and a leader in your life.

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