Don’t Be A Lone Ranger

By: Mary Selzer 3 years ago

One mistake entrepreneurs make is thinking they can start and run a business solo. No matter how gifted a person might be, everyone has weak areas. Instead of trying to strengthen weaknesses, work from your strengths and build a team that will compensate for your weaknesses. Not sure where to start? Hire a coach to help you through the process of building a team.

A coach plays a different role from a mentor or consultant. A mentor “pours in” based on their own experience in certain areas. A coach “draws out” to help the client make new discoveries and experience fresh awareness. A consultant speaks from expertise and knowledge and offers an opinion of what will and what won’t work. A coach comes alongside as a thought partner and co-creates an action plan with the client. While all three methods (coaching, mentoring, and consulting) are important and beneficial, coaching stands apart in that the client is considered the expert.

Granted, you may not feel like an expert, but your coach will help you discover what you know, what you don’t know, and where to find the best resources. Ken Blanchard said, “Not one of us is as smart as all of us.”  Don’t go it alone. Build a strong “posse” of gifted people so you can be as successful as possible.



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