Discovering the Power of Your Voice

By: Kristie Kennedy 3 years ago

Imagine standing on a platform surrounded by millions of people in dire need of hope, inspiration and direction that would completely transform their lives. Envision what it would feel like being the catalyst of their moment of change. Now experience the wonder of embracing the call to lead the way.

A couple of years ago, I remember seeing one of my mentor’s words that continue to challenge me to this day to use my voice for good. He asked the question, “How long will they have to wait?” In essence, there are distinct individuals assigned to my life’s work that are waiting for me to stand up and speak out.

I have great admiration for leading ladies because I know behind the scenes major sacrifices are being made as a result of answering the call to greatness. One of my favorite former first ladies of the United States is Eleanor D. Roosevelt. I will never forget reading her words, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Those words still pierce my heart because I used to be the one hiding my brilliance. I was the one who sat in back of the class pretending to be invisible. I was the one secretly desiring someone to choose me to speak. I was the one who was least likely to succeed. I was the one who was afraid to hear my own voice on the answering machine. I was the one who would look through the peep hole in my own apartment to ensure no one was outside listening to me sing. I was the one who would sign up for talent contests and not show up on stage. I was the one who was considered to be the odd ball. I was the one found great comfort in being a wallflower rather than a centerpiece.

Recently, I went inside my hall closet and pulled out my storage box that has all of my completed journals and I picked up a pink flowered one sitting at the top of them all. It was dated July 22, 2005 which was eleven years ago. I stumbled across notes about Eleanor D. Roosevelt. She consistently wrote a syndicated newspaper column entitled “My Day” six days a week from 1935 to 1962. The only time she took a break was for four days while grieving the death of her husband. ( Eleanor was a woman who understood the value of her words and her responsibility to feed a hungry audience ready to consume her thoughts. According to Eleanor penned 27 books and produced over 8,000 columns.

How did I discover the power of my own voice?
1) Journaling
As I look back in retrospect journaling has been a major component of self-expression. Naturally, I am an introvert meaning I find great joy in exploring the inner world of hidden ideas. In sixth grade my English teacher gave us a journal. It has been a therapeutic tool for my own mental wellness. Currently, I have over 20 active journals each serving a unique purpose. It’s my own creative way of organizing.

2) Self-Reflection Questioning
I am always checking in with myself to see where I am emotionally, spiritually and mentally. One of the first questions I asked was, “Who am I?” Our identify is often shaped by many external influences and I wanted to be sure when I stepped outside of my house I knew who I was and where I was going.

3) Affirmations of Greatness
There is not one day that goes by where I am not either reading, writing or affirming myself verbally. They are the cornerstone of my convictions.

4) Self-Talk
I practice hearing the sound of my own voice daily, just ask my husband. I speak back to any negative thoughts that arise and reframe childhood illusions that no longer serve me. The other day I was walking in the grocery store parking lot having a full blown conversation with my mind. Yes, I am perfectly sane.

5) Vision Boards
It is no secret that I am extreme in everything I place my hands to. I believe if we don’t intensify the pace we will inadvertently disqualify ourselves from the race. I am in it to win it! Hence, I have 9 vision boards and 2 vision books. As a visionary leader I understand the importance of seeing what I desire to manifest frequently. My husband is a byproduct of vision casting years before I met him, I clearly described the most essential aspects of what I desired in a life partner. My first home manifested after I crafted a vision surrounding the area, the pricing, the interest rate and the interior design specifications.

6) Conquering Fear
When fear whispers, courage must ROAR! Listen, I have been speaking for over 20 years now and fear still knocks on my door. I have to tell it over and over I am not buying what it is trying to sell me. I began to accept requests to speak publicly and above that volunteer to speak. Today, I utilize many platforms sharing my voice and it is only because I keep saying yes to success!
The world has need of the valuable treasures buried inside your heart. I challenge you to rise to the occasion and create your own powerful legacy.

Voice Activation Exercise
There are no right or wrong answers. This is a starting place for your new journey of confidently communicating your convictions.
Complete this sentence: I AM THE VOICE that…

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