Business Confidence

By: Mary Selzer 3 years ago

“We call him the tortoise because he taught us.”

Earlier this year in Wuxi, China, the two front runners in the marathon became confused about the finish line. Instead of making a left turn to face the cameras and complete a smooth finish, they continued running straight, giving the third-place runner the advantage. By the time the two confused runners realized what had happened, it was too late. The third-place runner crossed the finish line first, costing the other two the marathon championship.

Imagine running 26.2 miles certain that you’ve won but you become confused–or a bit over-confident–and lose first place to the guy behind you. What about the guy in third place? He may have thought all hope for first place was lost–until the front runner misstepped. Being the first or the fastest doesn’t necessarily guarantee success.

Running a business doesn’t require speed. It requires diligence. Hasty decisions or rash spending can cause a person to become confused and miss the real “finish line” of the business–Self-Development, Customer Care, Business Growth, and Healthy Profits. Are you moving too fast? A coach will help you find a more manageable pace so you have less stress. Going too slow? Your coach will stretch you and help you pick up the pace so you can grow with your business. And, your coach will become your running partner all the way to the finish line–the goals uniquely designed for your business.

Financial expert Dave Ramsey¬† tells in his book Entre-Leadership how he enjoys reading other business publications that teach him important principles so he can put them into practice. One day a billionaire businessman recommended a book to him, stating that he reads it to his top leaders every year. The book? Aesop’s Fable The Tortoise and the Hare. Lewis Carroll said, “We call him the tortoise because he taught us.” True. The tortoise shows us that steady plodding is key to winning. However, the hare teaches us that over-confidence can lead to apathetic, careless decisions that will ultimately cost more than we wanted to pay.

Remember: Slow and steady wins the race. Your coach will help you set the pace.

  • In what areas are you over-confident? Where do you lack confidence? How will you find the perfect balance so you and your business will benefit?

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