Building Great Cultures

By: Adam G Fleming 3 years ago

First of all, I’m not entirely sure what the audience for the blogs are right now, so I’m going to address the coaches in this particular blog. We may be a few weeks away from having clients coming to the site, but now’s the time to build our culture, as we begin to plug into the vision in a real way — through the back end of this website.

One of my favorite sayings of all time is “culture eats strategy for breakfast” (Peter Drucker). Another way to say this is that culture is strategy.

  1. Let’s commit to building a great culture and do it together.

I’m excited to begin at Exoteric with 19 people in my team, because we can really start building a culture right away. I just asked my wife, “can you imagine starting with a company like Mary Kay and having 19 people on your team the first day?”

Yeah, I’m stoked. I’m really excited about all the phenomenal coaches I’ve recruited, you guys are awesome, and I’m excited to begin meeting some others on the team. I can’t wait to see the coaches and entrepreneurs begin to come together here at Exo and start to push each other as they build businesses, as we help each other grow in many ways.

It feels like the opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve been encouraging people a long time. In my final year of high school my cross country team voted me “Most Inspiritational” (or at least that’s the misspelling the trophy company put on my plaque.) I commit to being of Exo’s most inspiritational team leaders, building the Accelerators agency with my friend and peer coach Mark Thomas, and with Kate McGovern and others who have been around for a while. I think we’re all in for a great ride. I think that, because I know many of the people who are already on my team, and they are quality folks in whom I have a ton of confidence.  You are people I’m excited to build with.

2. I commit to a positive attitude.

I know I can sometimes get down on myself. I find it easier to be positive for other people than for myself. So hold me to account: if you hear negativity coming from me, tell me to zip it! Step one to building this culture is positivity. I am not talking about hokey cheerleader positivity. I’ve seen that before and it strikes me as false. Let’s go for some genuine attitude: you guys have great training, a ton of experience, both in coaching and in life. I’m excited for you! I hope you find this financially beneficial, but I also hope you find it life changing in other ways, too. Let’s commit to working together with a positive attitude and trust the good people at Exo to take care of the back-end stuff and the marketing.

3. I commit to maintaining balance.

Balance is huge. It’s hard to invite people to a balanced lifestyle if you aren’t living one. Balance is more important than wealth; I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a wealthy person who was losing their balance all the time, falling down, and said to myself, “well there goes a successful person.” I’ll play games and go camping with my kids. I’ll work hard on other projects outside Exoteric. I’ll take time to write novels. I’ll take my wife on dates.

Commit to building together. Stay positive. And keep it balanced!

Decide. Then build it.

Here’s a stack of stones I built as a memorial on the beach in early February. Building these serves as a reminder to me of things I’ve committed to, or memorials for loved ones.

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