Boundaries for Women in Business

By: Martha Tassinari 3 years ago

boundaries for women in business

Most likely when you started your business you created a solid business plan. Your business plan probably included the following:

A written description of the future of your business – what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. You may have described your business structure, your product, and services.

In addition, you created a marketing plan, financing needs, strategies and action plans to create success in your business.

Did your business plan include a boundary plan?

Probably not! My business plan certainly didn’t.

The #1 challenge I see my clients struggle with is creating healthy boundaries in their business and life.

As a business owner, you may find yourself saying YES to things that you wished you hadn’t and feel overcommitted and stressed. There are always more demands than there is of you to go around.

It can be a challenge to discern what you should say yes or no to.

We all know you have to have a successful business plan to create success. A business can tank very quickly if there is no plan.

Not having a solid “Boundary Plan” will not only destroy your business, but the cost has a ripple effect on your personal life, your health(physical and emotional), your finances, and all your relationships.

Do you find yourself busy in your business, but those busy tasks aren’t getting you any closer to your vision?

The most difficult thing I learned was to say NO to the things that weren’t the right things.

There are many opportunities which appear as “good opportunities.” “Everyday opportunities come along that have the potential to distract us from the main things that God has called us to do.” These “good opportunities” can sidetrack us and actually keep us from moving closer to our vision.

This can look like being asked to be on the board for a new business opportunity, a speaking engagement, and a community outreach opportunity. This list goes on and on.

Truly, I could be out every night with all the networking and board meetings, but is that creating balance in my life and business? Is it bringing me closer to my vision and accomplishing the goals of my business?

Have you ever accepted what seemed like a great opportunity only to find yourself resenting you said YES when you really wished you had said NO?

I know I have! I discovered some of these “opportunities were nothing but a distraction from my mission. It was a painful lesson!

One of my favorite books is “Visioneering” by Andy Stanley. I give this book to all my coaching clients. Here is a quote from his book that is powerful and will shift your life and business.

To accomplish the important things you must learn to say NO to some good things. It is the good things that have the greatest potential to distract you from your vision.”

I’ve always been a yes person/people pleaser and thought “this looks like a great opportunity, I shouldn’t pass this up.” It takes courage to say NO and to have the insight that even what appears to be a good opportunity “can take you off your mission and actually be a distraction.

“It’s possible you could do this or that, it’s possible you could squeeze one more thing on your calendar, but is this really propelling you forward towards your goal or is it filling up more space in your schedule.

What could you take off your calendar or perhaps delegate to a team member to create more space and time for you and your business?

It takes discipline, discernment, and dedication to recognize what has your name on it as a good opportunity and what does not have your name on it.

Look at your reasons for saying YES and be true to yourself:

Ask yourself is this opportunity moving me closer to my goals and vision or is this a distraction and sidetracking me from my mission? Listen to that inner voice!
What is the cost if I say Yes to this opportunity? Am I sacrificing time with family or my own self care?
If I do say YES, what are my reasons? Is it out of guilt or obligation? Keeping the peace? Or am I saying YES because it is in alignment with my core values? Do you feel authentic when you say YES?
Where in your business are you feeling resentful? Did you accept a non-ideal client? Are you working with someone who pushes your buttons and is draining your energy?

Setting boundaries needs to be a priority in your business. It will allow your business to run smoothly and will keep your from experiencing burnout, stress, and overwhelm.

The purpose of boundaries is to protect your highest values, serve your clients in a way that will create impact, and allow you to experience joy and fulfillment in your business.

Where do you need to set clear boundaries in your business?

I would love to hear from you and if I can assist you in creating your boundary business plan reach out to me at [email protected]

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