Are You flushing Your Future Down The Toilet?

By: Sammy Scaggs 3 years ago

This morning I was driving to an appointment and this thought came out of nowhere: “Why do so many people flush their future down the toilet?” Seriously, there are many things that take our future away from us; bad money decisions. bad people and even bad accidents. What makes this so difficult for me is that we participate in the “flushing” and some folks either don’t know or don’t even care.

Take a typical mortgage for example. If you had a $200,000 mortgage and financed it for 30 years at 4.5% you would think that’s a great deal right? So, you faithfully pay your monthly payment which would be around $1,013.00. Sounds good so far right? But if you actually dig a little deeper you would discover in the first twelve months you would actually be paying 73% and not 4.5%!

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With this scenario, your twelve payments comes to $12,156 but nearly $9,000 went to interest and into the hands of the bank instead of your future! I am sorry but there is no other word to describe this but “wrong”. That is flushing your future down the toilet.

This does not count credit cards, loans and other things like extra unnecessary taxes and fees. That is a subject for another day. My point is this. When will you stop flushing your future down the toilet? It all begins with a decision. A decision to say, “Enough is enough!” And then change your direction. A decision followed by an action.

This week everyone is fretting over taxes but I wonder when will we ever fret over giving our future to the banks? You CAN change this. If you take ten minutes of your time and contact me I can show you a plan that can close the toilet lid and help you to take the money you are flushing each week and start putting it somewhere else where compound interest can work for you instead of against you.

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Until the next time; never, never, never give up on your dream to live financially free,


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