Are you a survivor, recognizer, or thriver?

By: Gloria Manchester 3 years ago

Are you a survivor, recognizer, or thriver?

As a lifestyle and prosperity coach, I have worked with many entrepreneurs and coaches who were struggling to make money in their business or in transitioning their careers.

Prosperity coaching is about encouraging, developing, and strategizing with clients, to thrive in all areas of life.

Though in my coaching practice I have often use assessments for EQ (Emotional Intelligence), C-IQ (Conversational Intelligence), personality science and saboteur assessments, in my research there seemed to be nothing available to measure a person’s mindset around prosperity.  With the support and expertise of other professionals, we designed and developed this innovative Prosperity IQ (P-IQ™) Assessment. Prosperity isn’t simply about money and wealth. It is defined as a flourishing, thriving, successful, and influential state of mind and condition. I don’t know who wouldn’t want that?

Using this self-assessment as a starting point to gauge your own prosperity mindedness can be life-changing. In taking it, you will reflect on eight areas of your life and receive one result based on your answers.

Creating a thriving mindset is a choice! I invite you to begin your journey to prosperity by taking the free Prosperity IQ (P-IQ™) assessment today.

Go to to find out if you are a survivor, recognizer, or thriver.

Gloria Manchester, ACC, is a certified lifestyle and prosperity coach, personality science trainer, author, seminar facilitator, entrepreneur, and New Money Story®-New Life Story® mentor coach, and recently certified in Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ).

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