Am I Enough?

By: Gloria Manchester 3 years ago

Am I Enough?

“Mind is consciousness which has adopted limitations. You were created to be unlimited. Later in life, you take on the limitations developed in your mind.” – Excerpt from Ramana Maharshi

The majority of us think we are not enough. That’s the human condition. Ask yourself, am I enough to have great relationships, to thrive in my career, be influential, or to make a difference in the world? What am I capable of … do you want to know?

Here’s another statistic: 63% of Americans don’t have enough savings for a $500 emergency.

As an entrepreneur you are all about creating your own destiny. How do you overcome the limitations in your mind to reach your pinnacle of success?

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Gloria Manchester, ACC is a lifestyle and prosperity coach, personality science trainer, certified New Money Story-New Life Story and Conversational Intelligence Coach

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