A Less Anxious Presence with COACHING!!!

By: Ka'thy Chappell 3 years ago

Greetings! May I be a witness? During the last four years, the institution where I work has been on an intentional path of discernment as to future vision, navigating that path and staffing the required leadership team. These types of conversations are quite uncomfortable at the least and extremely anxiety-producing at the most! Once I began experiencing the anxiety and feeling absolutely out of control, I focused on intentional coaching sessions with my personal coach. While I was already in the coach certification process and knew the “core competencies” as well as the benefits that a targeted coaching relationship can provide, I had never fully experienced the empowerment that coaching can provide the client. Coaching challenged me with clarity of vision, affirmed my professional and personal strengths, and called me to accountability through the gifts of a listening ear, the asking of powerful questions and the reminder of community support. Today I continue with my coach relationships while I also seek to be THAT coach for my clients! Ka’thy Gore Chappell, Leadership Development Coordinator for Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina; Coach & Transitional Consultant, Chappell Coaching & Consulting; Doctor of Ministry Student, Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Shawnee, Kansas.

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