10 Steps training — Outstanding!

By: Marc Schiller 3 years ago

Over the last weekend, I completed the 10 Steps training course.  I must say, it was excellent in every way.

For active coaches, it is a great exercise in practical coaching, and an outstanding review of ICF Core Competencies.  Anyone with ICF credentials should find it a terrific process to link their executive coaching expertise to the specific needs of the expected client base coming from the direct sales, entrepreneurial community.

As more of a small business consultant than an executive coach, I found the 10 Steps a brilliant process to review the key knowledge base requirements for setting up and running an independent small business.  The 10 Step program is a great foundation for creating, designing and executing a Business Plan.  It is simple and practical, yet also very thorough.

For clients, especially those who want to become direct sales entrepreneurs, it is a fantastic Platform to setting up your business.  Or, for those who already work in direct sales, it can be a great review of where your business is now, and a way to make improvements, changes to take your business to great new heights.

My Hat is off to Exoteric for an excellent piece of fundamental courseware!




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